99 Fascinating Baby Shower Outfit Ideas For Winter

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Believe it or not, frilly outfits and baby booties are not really what future moms want for baby shower gifts. While cute, they won’t fit the baby that long and will probably get very little use. If the person you are buying baby shower gifts for is not registered at any baby stores, here are some ideas for what will be truly useful.

1. Diapers – while not glamorous, diapers are the most practical of the baby shower gifts. Start buying #1s for the new mom, as babies tend to grow out of the newborn size in a very short time. (Big babies sometimes never wear the newborn size!)

2. Wipes – along with the diapers, get several packages of wipes. Using 2 to 4 wipes per change, each day the new mom will be using at least one, if not two, packages of 40 wipes. Since you don’t know what the sensitivity of the newborn’s skin will be, get the fragrance free variety.

3. Larger outfits – don’t bother with the newborn outfits which will only fit for a month or so. Go for the 3 to 6 or even the 6 to 9 month outfits. Although they may not fit the newborn today, the new mom probably will get many outfits for right after the baby is born and none that will fit later on.


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