99 Charming Winter Street Style Ideas For Beautiful Women

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Not everyone is a dedicated follower of fashion but, nonetheless, most people like to stay abreast of current trends in the fashion world. We generally take note of a few fashion shoots in style magazines, read a few online articles and check out the latest shop window displays on our occasional excursions to the high street. As the winter fashions have slowly taken over the magazines and the shop windows during the last month or so, we take a look at what’s on offer and who it will suit best.

Although we all love summer, clothes for winter are actually far more of a delight for both the designer and the wearer. This is due, in large part, to their layering ability. Suddenly a whole new world opens up for us as we realise that we can wear a beautiful figure hugging top, over layer it with a long-sleeved loose tunic of a different length and finish it off with a knitted cardigan. Even more enjoyable is the fact that none of these items need match. We have a choice of meticulously matching the colours in our layers (which can look extremely tasteful) or deliberately choosing colours that clash in an attractive way.

This winter the styles are clearly defined as either ‘heritage’ or ‘urban’ and both have their own attractions. Whether you lean more toward one or the other will depend, in part, on your lifestyle but also on your own personal tastes. The designs available in the heritage ranges of winter clothes for women are in the most beautiful berry colours one could imagine. They are rich and vibrant and compliment the season perfectly and in a very natural way. There is a feeling that the very countryside around us has been woven into the garments. They feel British and of good quality and definitely vintage inspired. For women, the incorporation of florals into the designs adds an extra dimension of prettiness not ordinarily seen in winter clothes. The winter clothes for men offer great similarity in the colours but instead of florals they offer up rich herringbones, tweeds and checks to bring us that same feeling of superior quality and Britishness.

Moving onto the urban ranges, we are confronted with sleekness, power and modernity. No nature loving going on here, this is all about city life and culture. The ranges exude a feeling of professional youth mixed with sophistication and excitement. The very colours themselves are strong, dark charcoals and slates, graphites and blacks. Embellishments feature heavily, lifting the dark colours to new levels and enabling the clothes to literally sparkle as they move from the workplace of the day to the city nightlife of bars and restaurants. Fabrics are exciting too, wools and leathers are seamlessly combined in new ways to challenge our perceptions of how things ought to be.


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