99 Extraordinary Winter Wedding Favors Ideas

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The twinkle of the sun reflects off the newly fallen snow giving it an appearance of dazzling diamonds and the icicles form elegant ice sculptures off of every tree branch against a crisp blue winter sky. Does this picture embrace your magnificent dreams of a perfect winter wonderland wedding? If so, you are not alone. Many brides dream of a beautiful winter wedding, whether it be a Christmas themed event, dancing on New Year’s Eve, a romantic Valentine’s wedding, or a ski inspired resort getaway wedding – winter weddings are a magical event.

If you choose to get married in the colder months, you may want to incorporate the season into your wedding favors and decorations. Wedding suppliers have caught onto this idea and have brought this season a sprout of new winter wedding favors sure to inspire and delight you.

Some of our favorite ideas for winter wedding favors are:

Snow Globe Wedding Favors

Although somewhat difficult to find on traditional wedding favor web sites, there are a variety of stores both online and in your neighborhood which carry seasonal products. Snow globes traditionally remind people of the cold months, and what better way to remind your guests of your winter wedding. Available in a multitude of themes and inner designs, you are sure to find a globe that fits your wedding perfectly.

Hot Drink Winter Wedding Favors

What is more perfect than cuddling up by the fireside with your fingers wrapped around a hot cup to warm you? Hot chocolate especially reminds those of winter, and with designers conjuring up various gift designs of this favorite drink, you can find the perfect drink in the perfectly complimented winter packaging. If you’re not sold on hot cocoa wedding favors, many of the same designs are available in coffee wedding favors, cappuccino wedding favors, tea wedding favors, and cocktail inspired winter wedding favor designs (which are perfect for those New Year’s Eve weddings!)


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