99 Stunning Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Winter 2019

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Because not every woman is in the market for a wedding dress every year, wedding dress trends aren’t as widely known as the trends for upcoming season. Even though many women won’t walk down the aisle and therefore aren’t interested in bridal wear trends for the year, it’s still worthwhile knowing where the bridal trends are at in the year-often times bridal wear influences elements of our casual wear!

Bare/Lace/Detail on the back

For 2013, wedding dresses are taking a plunge in the neckline… but not where you would think. The back of the dress is what’s going low this season. One of the most major trends for this season is baring your back in some way, be it covering the back with lace or, lace frame or a completely cutout back. If you opt for a backless dress, make sure your back is ready to be bare by exfoliating and toning the muscles in your back.

Colorful gowns

Get ready to wave goodbye to all white gowns going down the runway. This upcoming wedding season shows us gowns in all different hues and shades. The majority of colored gowns this season are inspired by the pastel trend that we saw in the spring, making everyone more in the mood for the sweets to follow the ceremony. Of course, some brides might not be able to fathom getting married in cotton candy pink but still want to indulge in their “sweet tooth”. These brides have the ability to add a touch of color in their sash, flowers or shoes.

Long Sleeves

Whether or not you agree with the suggestion that this trend started with the Royal wedding dress, one thing is true: she had a long sleeved dress and now that trend is over taking the runway. Longer sleeves also serve out to balance the extra bareness on the backs of this season’s dresses. Long sleeves are seen in solid fabrics or lacey fabrics and go as far down as the wrist or as far up as the elbow.


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