99 Cute Winter Baby Shower Ideas

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A baby shower is usually hosted by someone in the family or a close friend of the mom-to-be. It has been a tradition to throw a baby shower to woman who is expecting a baby very soon. A baby shower is both exciting and challenging to plan. There are expectant moms who opt to plan their baby shower on their on. If you are one of those pregnant women who wants to plan a shower yourself, you need to consider several things in advance.

Given that you are through with the major details of the your shower, the next thing on your list are the minor ones, such as baby shower favors. These tiny gifts will serve as token of appreciation to everyone at your party. You need to thank them for their time and effort just to be in one of the most special day of your life. Through showers, you can show your guests how much you value their presence. Therefore, you need to choose the best kind for them. The mind numbing selection of adorable shower favors are available in different attractive designs and packages to cater every type of shower. With so many great choices to choose from, any head will spin on what to pick for their baby shower. So to help, here are some tips and ideas you may consider when choosing the best party favors for your shower:

Choose according to the season

One of the most creative ideas when choosing party favors is considering the season where the party falls in. Your shower could be a party that reflects a Summer, Spring, Falls or Winter theme. Whatever it is, you have to choose corresponding favors to pull that seasonal theme off. If you wish to have your shower during a summer season, you can think of giving beach-inspired favors, or something that has vibrant colors to complement bright summer colors. On the other hand, you can also find shower favors that are suitable during Spring, Falls and Winter season.

Choose according to the party theme

Baby showers these days are in different themes. Many expectant moms opt to show their own personal choice of theme in the shower. For that, you may also decide your personal choice of theme to be included in your shower. Baby showers are typically planned with themes likes cartoons, fairytale, jungle, zoo, sports and etc. You can get creative and very personal when working on your themed shower. Now for the favors, no worries because there is a lot of themed shower favors to choose from, and now available for customization. Meaning there are plenty of favor ideas to choose from, and you can personalize them with a matching design or embellishment to make them suitable for your shower theme.


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