99 Captivating Burgundy Blazer Plus Jeans Outfit Ideas

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It’s the second day of my 21 day Skirt and Dress challenge and I was actually looking forward to getting dressed today more than I expected to be. Since I work from home quite a bit, it was easy to slip into a sweatpants and t-shirt dress code – after all, who would see my outfit? If I had to go out for an appointment, I’d just change clothes, right? Well I found myself taking a bit more time and being more intentional about my attire this morning – I actually planned it out last night!

I love denim – there is something about a great pair of jeans that I think most women love, even if they can’t find quite the right pair! I was fortunate to find a great denim skirt at one of my favorite places to shop – TJ Maxx!

I LOVE T.J. Maxx, but if you’re not working from a wardrobe plan – or at least you have an idea of what kinds of garments you’d like to add to your wardrobe BEFORE you hit the store, you can end up with a lot of unrelated garments and no cohesive “look”. Even an unmatched suit has SOME degree of forethought and planning attached to it! My skirt(s) for today (I ended up wearing two different ones) are pictured below:

I started out the day with a cream-colored knit twinset – a cardigan and matching shell. I picked up this combination YEARS ago in a store I can’t recall the name of, because it was one of those mix-and-match basics that every woman should have in her wardrobe. It harmonizes with over 80% of what’s in my closet, it’s easy to wear, and a multi-season item that can be worn in all but the hottest weather. The cardigan has matching-color buttons – which lends classic appeal. If you want to Diva-fy this ensemble – change the buttons on the sweater to something more colorful, sparkly or interesting, but realize that when you change the color of the buttons or the fabric, you also, conversely, limit what you can wear with the garment.


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