99 Attractive Maternity Baby Shower Outfits Ideas For Spring

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Heading off to a baby shower? If you’re having gift dilemma, your safest bet is to choose off the registry – but what if there isn’t one? Check out our top baby shower ideas when it comes to choosing a gift:

1. The essentials. While most moms will want to pick out the major stuff on their own – diaper bags, car seats, play arches, etc. – stocking them up with the basics that they can never have enough of is a smart gift. Yes, it’s a little boring, but a sample of outfits to get baby through the first year, receiving blankets or burp cloths, tiny socks and hats, pacifiers and more are all things moms will need in spades.

2. Memberships or gift cards. New moms need excuses to get out of the house, so why not spring for a membership to a kid-friendly activity or event for a unique spin on baby shower gifts? Baby yoga classes, a zoo membership and movie tickets for mom and baby screenings are just a few gift ideas that will help a new mom get out and about when she needs it most.

3. Home cleaning or meal delivery. Tread lightly on this one, but many new moms could use a hand or two around the house as they adjust to their new life. Look for open-ended gift certificates for cleaning services, and arrange for meal delivery at a time that is likely to be convenient. Or better yet, deliver the food yourself and square it away in the fridge or freezer, so mom doesn’t have to lift a finger.


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