99 Newest 1St Birthday Outfits Ideas For Spring

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The first year of a child’s life is filled with many milestones. There are the first smiles, first teeth, first steps, first foods, first words and so many other firsts. It is becoming more and more popular to celebrate the first birthday with an extravagant party and a fun and funky first birthday outfit. With most people living away from close family these days, it is events like a baby’s first birthday that can cause for celebration and special visits for big parties.

First birthday outfits have taken the internet by storm and now even large chain stores such as Gymboree, Target and Crazy 8 have gotten on the bandwagon with first birthday outfits. If you shop online retailers however, you have more of a chance to find a themed first birthday outfit to match your party theme. Also, first birthday outfits online, are able to be personalized with the birthday girl or boys name and all important age. Matching hats, bibs, diaper cover and even shoes can be made to match.

More and more families are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on children’s birthday parties. The first birthday is seen as one of the most popular to spend money on. Many parents will spend an average of $100 on a babies first birthday outfit. Those that do are delighted to see their little one dressed head to toe in birthday apparel.

Popular themes for first birthdays include princesses, pirates, Sesame Street characters, Mickey Mouse, ladybugs and of course, cupcakes. Many of the handmade birthday outfits are even designed to match some of the popular paper good products sold at party stores. With embroidery machines becoming popular and so many digitalized appliques, almost any theme can be made if you find the right retailer.


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