99 Gorgeous Rainy Day Outfit Ideas

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Fall and winter are the most anticipated fashion seasons of the year. However, once the summer ends and things begin to cool down, fashion design students and fashionistas are challenged to find creative ways to stay cute AND dry in the rainy season. This is easier said than done. Rain can affect everything about your look, from extra frizz in the hair, to shoes that get soaked all the way through. Here are some easy style tips to avoid looking like a wet-dog on a rainy day.

– Wear heavy fabrics such as wool, flannel, fur and knitted sweaters. These will keep you warm and dry in rainy weather, and make for an eye-catching look.

-Hooded shirts and sweaters will contribute to a great rainy day outfit. They will keep your head dry, and they’ll act as a stylish alternative to a hat. Hats are always good for rain as well.

-Dark-wash skinny jeans will look great in rainy weather, and will be especially practical to tuck in to boots, or just to keep from dragging on the wet ground like longer, looser pants. Just make sure to wear a dark shade so moisture doesn’t make them see-through. Avoid white!


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