99 Classy Spring Outfits Ideas For 10 Year Olds

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Spring is the symbol of rebirth and renewal, of vitality and energy, so what could be nicer than dressing up your little daughter with a homemade spring fairy costume for kids.

You do not have to sew the entire costume yourself, you just have to pick out and combine the right clothing pieces with the right accessories. Children look extraordinarily good when dressed up in pastel colors. This is why you should choose a nice soft pink top, which is sleeveless, only with shoulder straps, and a nice three quarter length loose skirt of apple green color.

On the top, you should sew pink sequin bead decorations, in order to add more sparkle and shine. Thus, your little daughter will truly feel like a spring princess in her fairy costume. Next, take a nice olive green satin fabric, and create a wonderful ribbon, which you will attach at the chest.

You can already notice what a wonderful combination of colors pink and olive green is. From a simple top and a simple skirt, you will be able to create a stunning little outfit for your child.


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