99 Inspiring Outdoor Spring Wedding Arches Ideas

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Outdoor weddings are usually popular during the summer or the spring seasons. An out wedding is very vibrant and it is easy to plan it also, since you can use the natural environment and surrounding for the decoration.

1. Location

Your decoration problems can easily be solved if you choose an appropriate location for such a wedding.

o In a beach you can set white folding chairs and can have a simple wire arch for standing beneath.
o In botanical gardens tropical flowers, exotic plants or brightly colored large arrangements look lovely on pillars or columns next to the bride and groom.
o Parks often have band shells or gazebos that can be used as the focal point of the ceremony. Decorate with lights, tulle, ivy garlands and flowers that match the bridal party flowers.
o In backyard or an outdoor countryside wedding you might require backdrops to help create a more elegant look for the ceremony and photos.

2. Wedding Arch

The wedding arch is very important in an outdoor wedding. You can buy these arches or can even make them at home. Adorn the arch with lovely flowers and ribbons. Decorating arches for an outdoor wedding can be very fun and can be adapted for any type of wedding you may have.

3. Natural beauty of the surroundings

One of the bonuses of an outdoor wedding is the natural beauty around you, lessening your need to decorate. Consider timing your outdoor wedding for sunset where your guests will see you take your vows surrounded by the warm glow of the sun.


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