99 Impressive Wedding Guest Dresses Ideas For Spring

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It is not only the bride who wants to look great at a wedding. Let’s face it, ladies, how many excuses do you find these days to wear a really special outfit? If you are invited to one of the many spring and summer weddings this year, treat yourself to a really chic ensemble.

The perfect outfit for a wedding guest is both in fashion and yet timeless. Those pictures will be around forever, so you do not want to wear anything that will look hopelessly dated in a couple of years. Naturally, you will also want your outfit to fit the style and location of the wedding. Last but not least, you want to look absolutely fantastic without drawing attention from the bride.

There are plenty of great styles available that will help you to achieve all of these goals. Many of the looks that are coming out for this spring and summer are actually updated versions of styles that have been popular in past years, which makes them feel less risky and more worthy of splurging on. Some of the key styles include modified safari (like a stylish “Out of Africa” inspired blouse), beaded tops, and lots of great jewelry.

Many women prefer to wear a dress to a wedding, although if it is not too formal, you can also get away with separates, which will make the pieces more versatile in the future. This is especially nice if you have been invited to several weddings this year. You can use the same base piece, say a great metallic linen skirt, and change the look with different tops and wedding jewelry. Pair the subtle metallic skirt with a blouse in a hot color like coral for your niece’s afternoon wedding in a garden, and wear a heavily embellished top with the skirt for your cousin’s wedding at the country club. Perfect!


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