99 Fashionable Ponytails Ideas For Spring

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The trend of ponytails causing hair loss is now common. Many women actually wear ponytails without realizing that it might in fact be increasing their loss. Keeping ponytails tight is a sure way to make you’re your hair thins faster. In fact, ponytails can cause a permanent hair loss. Any hairstyle that pulls on the scalp for long periods of time can indeed cause loss. The hair loss can sometimes be reversed if the hairstyle is changed in due time. Prolonged wear can however result in permanent loss. Styles which can cause permanent loss include tight ponytails and braids, cornrows, buns, chignons, and sometimes twists. As such you should be extremely cautious of hair extensions which are glued or sewn into the hair. Hair pins that secure hats for hours should also be avoided.Women that wear ponytails are usually astonished that their hair stops growing all of a sudden whereas in fact it is repeatedly broken at the same distance from the scalp because of the tight rubber band.

Signs to look out for might include an itchy red scalp, tension headaches, random bald patches, and hair breakage around the scalp. If any of these symptoms are displayed, then you should stop using the ponytail hair style immediately. As a cure, try using Minoxidil for about six months and then if possible see a doctor for a possible hair transplant. You should also remove ponytails before sleeping as they tend to increase strain on the scalp and hence increase the hair loss.

If you have a heavy ponytail, then it is advisable to wear the hair in a pony with the base near the nape of the neck. This will allow for a better weight distribution. A heavy ponytail could not only cause hair loss but also cause neck and back pains.

To reduce the chances of your ponytail causing hair loss, you should secure it with hair friendly elastics or clips. Hair friendly elastics have special coatings that prevent pulling and ripping of hair. They are more effective than rubber bands. You can also use bungee cords or blax bands that are designed specifically to for the creation of ponytails. The bungee cord hooks and unhooks and can be wrapped more than once around the base of the ponytail. This will allow for the easier removal of the ponytail and reduce any chances of hair loss that can result from bad removal of the ponytail. The blax bands hold tight and sleekly and are relatively inexpensive, they can also be easily snipped with a pair of scissors and this minimizes chances of hair loss during removal.


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