99 Unique Spring Hairstyles Ideas You Need To Try

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Question: What are the Spring 2007 hairstyles? Answer: Lot of waves. Short or long, you’ve gotta go for the wavy look. But a permed waves approach isn’t cutting it like it used to! A carefree, more natural look is the way to go for a Spring hairstyle in 2007. Now, if you don’t have a natural wave to your hair, and perming is ruled out, what’s a girl meant to do?

Don’t worry, here are some tips:

First of all, is the use of sea water spray. You can either buy these, or make your own from home. Just get some sea salt when you next do your grocery shopping and add it to a spray bottle of water.

Using this type of spray will bring out a wavy look in your hair even if it’s normally straight. Jessica Simpson’s wavy look is one that is good to try and copy using this technique.

Here are some styling steps to get the sea water wavy look for Spring 2007 hairstyles (Adapted from article on Beauty-and-the-bath.com)


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