99 Amazing Summer Outfit Ideas For Men

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Pants for Summer

The wide pants that dress well over any possible style is a must-choose this season. You can wear them over classic jackets as well as the contemporary clinging tops. Even if you use it with casual shirts, trench coats and turtleneck tees, you will be among the first ones to initiate the idea!

Coats, however, remained the same as always have been, sold out in long trench, short trench, and double-breasted styles.

Teen Trends

The Gothic Ninja style as stated above is the latest craze across the globe! Yes, all around the world the figure hugging black outfits are the hottest pick among the teens and slightly grownups. An American Apparel Tee shirt worn under any top or a Rick Owens knit garment, covered by a Martin’s coat, figure hugging bottom with Dior Home 17 cm jeans on the bottom is a style statement for younger ones. Cheap silver add-ons mixed with expensive Number 9 leather boots are the additions for summer styling.


Accessories are commonly used for two purposes. One can wear it to perform some practical function like a watch to check the time or for the sake of standing out in a crowd, i.e. to make your outfit a class apart. Summer has full focus on eyewear, neckties, watches and belts. For teens all the vibrant colors supporting that Gothic Ninja styling is in, whereas, for grownups the big shades from the yester-years are all over the market.

Ties are not the code of conduct for the classic suits or office dress any more. So, anyone can wear it over extravagant garments and casual clothes too, making a style statement of his own. And trust me you definitely are going to like it!

Men’s Hairstyle for Summer

Just like fashion clothing, men’s hair styles too have borrowed styles from the previous years. The most popular trends for summer fashion, as far as men’s hair style is concerned, are the fringe cut, the slick back and the classic part – side part and long part, and short fronts. Chose according to your facial features and go for a change in your regular hair style.


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