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Great Ideas in Horse Racing Attire

Fantastic, so what ideally should you wear? A proper suit is repeatedly the fashion almost all men go after on racing days. Find the right tie & shirt is a great starting point. One of the most popular styles is the shade-on-shade appearance, which means you will have a shirt and a tie in the same color with the neck tie usually a few shades darker than your chosen shirt color. This often works best with darker colour tie and shirt combos, such as a dark blue or a rich plum colour. Don’t forget matching fashionable cufflinks and your friendly smile.

Pinstripe suits are also very fashionable, but choose the correct tie and shirt to pair is decisive in pulling the look off. A solid coloured shirt in black or white with a wide striped tie is a sexy and sleek look. Be sure the stripes in the tie complement the suit colors and don’t distract from it. A dark blue pinstriped suit with a white collared shirt and a wide striped blue necktie is a wonderful look for race day. Top it off by sporting a hat with a pairing blue band, sunglasses and LOMA cufflinks and you are one sharp ticket!

Alternative Looks and Combinations

Another current race day look is based on a solid black collared shirt. The black collared shirt is a good starting point as many ties really pop against the dark background. Depending on what race you are attending, you can add the race’s flower to your lapel. The Melbourne Cup’s official bloom is a yellow rose. Imagine a black shirt, striking yellow silk tie and a yellow rose! Stakes Day is the red rose, so think a red necktie and cufflinks with a black collared shirt. Now you get the idea!

For those in love with lighter looks, a beige suit is probably the way to go. A crisp white or light colored shirt and accessories, with a bold necktie can be a particularly edgy look. Try on dollar sign cufflinks or sterling silver horse cufflinks by Ravi Ratan for a touch of fun. A three piece suit with a light colored shirt and bow neck tie could also be a great and unexpected look. Don’t get stuck in white shirt-black silk tie only; a patterned shirt with a bright bow silk tie could be a good-looking look when paired with a solid coloured suit.


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