99 Captivating Outfit Ideas With Puffy Vest For Fall

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The trend for this Fall and Winter are back to the basic in jewelry, these last two years have really taken it’s toll on the jewelry scene. Since the economy has taken a downward swirl, the people of the world have not had much revenue for buying the higher priced jewelry.

This years trends will no less be one of moderation in regards to buying jewelry, the people who are buying
the fall jewelry have started to cut back on the more expensive items, and are buying the bare essentials. Instead they have started wearing their big chunky jewelry and adding more than one of their necklaces and pendants around there necks, in what is known as the layered look. In this layered look you will probable see many different types of jewelry being worn together.

You will see people wearing many different colors of jewelry gemstones, mixed with maybe14k gold pendants as well as10k white gold pendants. Among the many other types of jewelry being put together you will see them pairing the bigger types of jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces with enormous pendants on them. We will be seeing a lot of the big chunky bib necklaces along with the chandler earrings this fall, the pearl earrings and necklaces, along with a beautiful pearl bracelet, are one of the styles that will be seen quiet a lot for Fall and Winter styling.

The choker necklaces will be making a big come back this year, a nice pair of hoop earrings will go good with this look. The fashion style for this Fall and Winter will be the big and bold looks, so don’t let yourself get caught with out these simple essentials. It has been said, that there are no greater ways to add style and glamour to your outfit, other than a nice piece of jewelry that catches the eye and gives the outfit you are wearing that elegant look.


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