99 Fashionable Wavy Long Hair Style Ideas For Female

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Some of us like to wear our hair long for many reasons. Most long hair wearers feel like it is easier to care for when it is long. Being able to pull it back into a ponytail or just pinning it back in a clip makes having long hair easy to style.

Long hair does need to be trimmed every four to six months. This depends on the condition of the ends and the layers, if it is layered. Some hair types don’t need to trim as often as others do, fine hair needs trimming more than thicker textures do. It all depends on the condition the ends are in.

Today’s generation of females have many different long hairstyles they can choose from. Here are some long hair-cuts you might want to consider if you have long hair and want a change.

A Long Undercut – This haircut has the same dynamics as the chin length or shoulder length ‘Bob’. The hair is cut from the bottom to the top making each layer a little longer than the one under it. This gives the hair a heavier weight line at the ends and with most hair textures it will curve under slightly. The more curly the hair texture is, the more the hair will curl under.


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