99 Vintage Summer Nail Art Ideas You Must Try

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I think that a woman’s choice of nail polish really says something about who she is and how she sees herself or how she wants to be seen. There is a new collection of polishes for summer 2010 coming out, and it will be very interesting to see the range of colors, as well as what I will choose to paint myself with. The more subdued colors will generally be kept for when you’re feeling reserved, professional, and just want to be pampered. One polish called demure vixen, makes me feel reserved, yet exciting at the same time, like i have a secret. On the outside this nail polish is rather cool, but it has a hint… or something that just catches your eye and makes you think… hmmm.

The names of the polish have a large effect as well. “Pretty Edgy” is a very noticeable green color that is a part of the Essie Summer Nails Collection for 2010 and it is juxtaposed to all of the other colors in the bunch, highlighting itself and setting itself apart. I find myself drawn to this color and can see myself wearing it out to a party where i will be noticed with my edgy outfit and my exciting yet different shade of polish.

If you are looking for a classic and always elegant and appropriate look for your nails, you can always go for a good french manicure. In this case, the length of the manicure and the final shape of the nail can say quite a bit about the wearer in a very subtle manner. Square nails really show a unique and interesting style when combined with a french manicure, and the longer the nails and the white tips to go with them, the more bold the statement of the manicure.

The funny thing about nail polish is that, you can have your favorite flavor and know that it is the one you want, only to see it on and not have it really fulfill what you imagined it would. The best is when you see the color, that exciting shade that just fits with how your feeling, and when you see it on it just feels right. The perfect nail polish is the one that reflects your inner feelings to the outside world, the polish that lets you wear your heart on your sleeve and show it off in a subtle manner.


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