99 Fascinating Soccer Player Hairstyles Ideas You Must Copy

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1. Short haircuts: Short haircuts have withstood the test of time and are making a comeback this year. They are low maintenance and very masculine. Textured short hair will add a touch of sophistication.

2. The ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’: This haircut is getting more and more popular this year. Named after the international football star, this haircut proves to be very versatile; you can get multiple style options from a single haircut. With a bit of wax or gel, you can easily create a spiky, faux hawk, or messy look. For formal occasions, you can also create a chic, swept-back look.

3. The Faux Hawk: This hairstyle is the tamer version of the Mohawk. Although less wild, the faux hawk also represents rebelliousness. The hair on both sides of head is cut short (not shaved) while the middle part is slightly longer. You can spike up this part using wax or gel. It’s simple and cool.

4. Spiky haircut: The spiky haircut is still a favorite in 2011. If you want to look young and funky, this is the hairstyle for you. It suits both short and medium length hair, and can also be matched with either formal wear or casual wear.


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