99 Genius Fashion Boots Ideas For Women Fall And Winter

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Boots and women seem to have a natural connection. And women do get an array of boots collection starting from spring boots, fall, winter, rain, fashion and many more. Wow, how lucky they are.

Fashion boots for women will generally be a pair of all-purpose and usually can be worn in any season. What determines a fashion boot would be its style, its look and what dress can it be worn with. Its styling is combination of innovative patterns, different sizes of heels, leather types used in making the boots and how the shoes tie to the feet. Look of the boots comes more from the leather or suede or velvet that is used. Leather is the most common raw material used in fashion boots although in different colors.

Not all women’s boots can be worn with all dress types. Moreover, a particular fashion boot will go with a particular fashion dress and that too of a particular color and style. For example, a maroon fashion boot may not go well with a blue off shoulder mini dress. But there are few fashion boots like the ones in black color with less styling that can go with multiple dresses. The factors that have already been used in the boots to keep the feet together also adds to the look A zipper, for instance, would be the most commonly used whereas a shining steel buckle with a pattern on a blue velvet boot would be something abstract.

Besides the regular and exclusive boots made for a fashion statement, there are seasonal boots as well those apt for a particular weather. When in winters, the boots should be able to keep the feet warm. Also, longer knee boots are made exclusively for the cold weather to keep one half of the legs cozy. Styles differ in snow-fall countries, where women’s boots are specially designed so that the women can walk and keep their feet firm in the deep snow at the same time. Similarly, boots for the rainy season can absorb water and has thick insoles. Their exterior also is neither made of leather nor velvet because it will get spoiled if it is. Coming to spring and fall boots for women, they are more comfortable and just right for the light weather. Heels are also a key attribute of the boots. Whereas fashion footwear can have pencil or long heels, the boots made for winter or rainy weather are best with a flat or a platform that has pretty much no heel.


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