99 Unordinary Summer And Spring Floral Dress Ideas To Try Asap

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Everyone loves wearing florals in the summer but as we move towards the end of the summer the best florals to invest in are those that are versatile for different seasons and different occasions. You wouldn’t necessarily think of wearing florals in the autumn or winter, but they are a great way to brighten up and outfit and make you feel instantly happy. Of course, in order not to look out of place in your florals for the autumn and winter, you should choose pieces that look great for any season. By buying versatile florals in the summer sales, you can get yourself a great bargain that you can wear all year round.

The trick to picking out great florals that will work for the colder weather is choosing darker colours or colours that can easily be worn with black or coloured tights. Very light or pale coloured florals may not work so well because it will be difficult to find something suitable to wear on your legs and they will also probably look out of place on a cold and windy day.

Floral dresses in slightly heavier fabrics will work well for the autumn and winter as will floral blouse which can be combined with a winter skirt or trousers. A brightly coloured cardigan is also a great way to add a bit of warmth to a floral summer dress and make a stylish and cosy outfit for the autumn and winter.

Floral dresses that are suitable for occasions are particularly versatile for different seasons. You can often wear a great floral occasion dress in the winter even if it is a little lighter than you would usually wear for a winter day dress. Try adding a  pair of coloured tights for a really eye catching outfit.


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