99 Affordable Maxi Skirts And Dresses Ideas To Try

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We all know that trends come and they go. Last summer, maxi dresses were the hottest item. This summer, maxi skirts have been added as another hot wardrobe selection. The maxi skirt is the ideal conversion from summer to fall.

You can turn a maxi dress into a skirt and vice versa. Layering your maxi dress can make it look like a skirt and top. Pulling your maxi skirt up over your bust can make it look like a tube top dress.

If you own a maxi dress without sleeves, it can be worn in the fall by adding one layer such as a thin sweater as well as a jean jacket. Layering helps to create a different look. You can put the sweater on your shoulders or you can wear one of those stretch hip belts with a jean jacket to complete the ensemble. This will make it appear as if you are wearing a maxi skirt and not a dress. No one will even have a clue that you have worn the same dress more than once.

Casual shoes
With your maxi dress or skirt, choose casual shoes. This can be in the form of flats or low wedged shoes to make you look and feel classy and comfortable. If you are short and petite, it might be challenging to dress causal without wearing high heels. However, the maxi dress or skirt has long perpendicular lines that offer the impression that you are tall and slender, even when you are wearing flats. You can have some excitement and fun with this by wearing glittery sandals or just wear something simple like flip flops. But forget about those kitten heels or those pumps. You don’t want to make it too dressy, especially if you are trying to go casual.


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