99 Awesome Small Tattoos Designs Ideas For Tiny Women

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Lower Back Tattoo Designs For Women

Although some deem these types of tattoos to be a little trashy, there are many people who admire them greatly. I think that they especially suit the female form, curved in many ways as it is in this area.

Star Tattoos For Women

Star tattoos look great on women and they can be placed in a number of areas. These stars usually feature five points and can be a black or multi-coloured.

Side Torso Tattoos For Women

It is very popular for women to get tattooed in this area. The front of the torso i.e. the chest, is more popular with men than women. The back is popular among women but the side of the torso seems to be regarded as an almost exclusively female area to get tattooed.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs For Women

Butterfly tattoos are extremely popular with women and this is a trend that started in the 90s. Butterflies have great symbolism in many cultures. Their general theme is one of rebirth in the face of change. They also have spiritual meaning in some cultures.


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