99 Extraordinary Haircuts And Hairstyles Ideas For Women Over 30

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Added numbers to your age should not dictate the beauty trend of women hairstyles that is fit for you. Use your imagination, explore and read on these 5 latest hairstyles for women over 30.

1. Flaunt your strands with a Bob

The bob is one of the latest hairstyle ideas which widely caters to women who care enough to give their hair a touch of style very now and then. Classic as ever, the bob cut is shorter at the back and angled up front and is definitely a top pick among hairstyles for women over 30. You can wear it short or long depending on the size of your face. If you aren’t busy enough to pay your salon a visit every now and then, you might want to try the short bob. However, if you’re single and ready to mingle, the long bob is a perfect selection for you.

2. Go yippie with the Pixie

We all know who rocks the pixie cut, right? It’s no other than Anne Hathaway, don’t forget that she is over 30. That only means that donning that pixie cut of women you see on hair care guides of hairstyles for women over 30 are just within your reach. Pixie cuts are a great choice for women on the go because it requires little maintenance especially when you don’t have time to go to the salon. This latest hairstyle idea looks amazing on you if you have an oval or square shaped face.

3. Have Fun with Layers

Admit it, when you were younger, one of the most popular among women hairstyles was the layered haircut. Even now, it still is a hit – not only with young people but with the older generation to date. Getting a layered haircut brings a feel of fun to your image but keeps you looking stunning even with that tousled hair. It sure is worth a try among hairstyles for women over 30 because any face shape can pull this latest hairstyle idea off just great.


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