99 Unordinary Fall Nail Art Designs Ideas You Must Try Now

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The nails this spring summer 2011 were a real riot of color and this trend, at least in part (the colors are so bright but not garish) will be with us even during the coldest months of the year. Yes: fingernails “in the fall winter 2011-2012 version of” want to appear in all their glory, in other words, they want to convey warmth and color! We begin our little journey speaking of the form that we give our nails to be trendy.

It seems that the short length is definitely OUT while the top is a medium-size, and it’s a bit ’rounded and a little’ stiletto; remember, however, is that these guidelines are very general. You will then evaluate you according to your need (I strongly doubt that a woman struggling with house cleaning can go around with nail-style “weapon of war,” that is very long and sharp!) The style that suits, and possibly convenience.

We talked about the great classics or color but black and red resist. We can find them in the very chic and elegant collection of LancĂ´me called 29 St. Honore, not forget that we can “play” with more traditional colors such as creating French manicure with details of the bezel red (or black) and the rest of the nail of a neutral color. (Little hint. Do not use red on the nails very long, you risk appearing vulgar)

And it is precisely this type of nail art that we see more and more frequently in its classical version (the one with the white bezel) to provide many different ideas: how about a golden French manicure and nail the rest black? The final effect is ensured.


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