99 Marvelous Medium Hairstyles Ideas For Teen Girls This Year

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Bob cut: Short low maintenance hair cut. Instead of the boring bob cut, spice it up a little by trying angular bobs or inverted bobs. Remember Victoria Beckham’s bob cut? Quite stylish for your age if you want to try. Blunt cuts with fringes also gives a very cute school girl look. Straightened bob cut also makes chubby cheeks look slimmer.

Pixie cut: Hot favourite girls haircut among the teenage group. Gives quite a funky carefree image. Pixies can be made simple as well as a feminine touch can also be given. The shortest cut makes you look a bit boyish. If you want a pixie cut, yet girly, ask your stylist to add some layers to the cut and end it slightly below the nape of your neck. From Kiera Knightley, to Halle Berry to Natalie Portman or Rihanna, everyone have sacrificed their locks to have fun with this cut.

Layered cut: If you have good long hair, this girls haircut style can make you look like a diva. It gives the illusion of voluminous hair even if you have fine hair. It frames you face well and helps in highlighting your features. However, teens with short and medium length hair can also try this cut. You can also pair layers with fringes and bangs. Looks ultra glam!

Shag cut: Quite a punk look. This cut shortens your hair to quite an extent. A modification of the simple layered hairstyle. In this, you’ll find more layers at the crown of your head and will gradually decrease as you go down towards the nape of your neck. Another trait of this hairstyle cut is that its spiky pointed towards the tips. It will also look good if your hair is naturally curly.


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